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Veep for Meep: Part I

Veep for Meep

It’s been a while since my first blog when I announced I would be running for President.  Who knew there would be so much preparation, so many folks to meet, so much paperwork, and so little bacon! This process could stand to be more flexible.  And that is one thing I will strive to do – cut the fat!  From the bureaucracy, that is.  We’ll keep the fat on the bacon.  This sheep is not into crazy-talk!

Anyhow, since this sheep is new to the game, I am seeking candidates for my running mate way in advance.  I have talked to a few acquaintances to ask for their help herding some possibilities but I am here to ask YOU – my constituents – to toss some names into my woolen hat.  If you give a suggestion, I will try to arrange an interview and see if we’re meant to flock together.

So what do you think?  Who do YOU think would make a great Veep for Meep??

~ Meep

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