About Us

The Wayne Music Club (WMC) was established in February, 1967 to promote and sustain the various Wayne High School Band programs. The Wayne High School Band programs include Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Winds, Warriorettes and Wind Ensemble. You will see the WMC leading efforts such as registration, band camp, providing event chaperones, and coordinating numerous fundraisers such as Half Time USA. If you are interested in doing more to support the WHS band programs, please consider becoming a part of this team. It is a very rewarding experience. Please contact any Board member for additional information.

The Wayne High School Band Programs

The goal of the Wayne Band Program is to provide a positive and worthwhile musical experience for all students. We believe the best musical experience stems from the serious study of a variety of music in a variety of settings and performance opportunities. In the interest of a diverse musical experience, we offer the widest spectrum of musical activities possible.

We encourage students to become involved in the band program at any level, whether it is only curricular, or may include participation in our several extra-curricular opportunities. Music is an important part of the human experience and it is our wish to give every student enrolled in the Wayne Band Program the chance to discover his or her musical identity.

The Wayne Music Club...

… is a non-profit organization and is a separate entity from the Huber Heights City Schools. The purpose is to promote and sustain, both physically and financially, the various Wayne High School Band programs. Which include, the Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Marching Band, Pep Band, Symphonic Winds, Wind Ensemble and Warriorettes.

Members are parents, guardians or patrons whom desire to assist and participate in projects and activities of the Club. There are several committees that assist the Executive Board with fundraising, uniforms, chaperones, refreshments, etc. Yearly membership is from June 1 through May 31. Registrations are in the Spring.

The Wayne Music Club meets the 3rd Tuesday of every month with the exception of August and December. August is the return from Band Camp performance and December is the Band and Warriorette Banquet. The dates will be announced in the Drumbeat.

The Executive Board consists of: A President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, Ways and Means, Newsletter Editor (Drumbeat), Uniforms, Student Accounts and Events Coordinator which are elected annually. The Band Directors and Warriorette Advisors are part of the Executive Board.

Mission Statement

The Wayne Music Club is a non-profit volunteer organization established to support the Wayne High School Band Programs. Our mission is to ensure that each student is given the opportunity to experience the enrichment that music and the arts bring to them and to their community. We will accomplish this goal by instilling good work ethics and sound financial management in support of the program directors, staff, and students. Our primary objective is to provide a positive influence in the growth of our students so that they may achieve their highest potential.