The Wayne Warriorettes perform dance and kick line routines to the sounds of the Wayne Marching Band at all Wayne football games and various festivals and parades.

Become part of the “Band that Dares to be Different” and receive standing ovations in Heidkamp Stadium. You’ll form lasting friendships and have a ball at band camp!

Tryout Dates & Times

Dates Times Place
Preclinics April 28th - May 1st 6 - 8 PM Wayne Auxiliary Gym
Tryout Clinics May 5th - May 8th 6 - 8 PM Wayne Main Gym
Tryouts May 10th 1 PM Wayne Main Gym


Clinic Attendance
  • Tryout clinics provide instruction on marching techniques, dance, and kick routines; all of which will be judged at tryouts.
  • If you cannot attend a practice clinic, clear it with the Advisor in advance. Attendance is taken at all clinics and is included in your tryout score.
  • Required dress for clinics:
    • Reasonable length shorts and T-shirt
    • Socks and tennis shoes or other soft sole shoes (shoes are required)
    • Hair should be out of your face, preferably in a ponytail
    • No jewelry worn
  • All students must meet eligibility requirements as outlined by the Wayne Athletic Department and found in the Handbook which will be handed out the first day of clinics (a 1.8 GPA for 3rd quarter and the passing of 5 academic classes is required to try out)
  • A copy of your 3rd quarter report card must be turned in at clinics by Tuesday May 6th. For each day the document is late, 1 point will be deducted from your tryout score.
  • All new Warriorette Candidates will submit an essay on why you want to be a Warriorette and what you think you can contribute to the team. Please include any experience you have on other teams (dance teams, athletic teams, or any other club in which you may have participated).
  • All previous Warriorettes will submit an essay on “Improvements and changes they would like to see the Warriorette team make this year.” This would include a list of things they “liked” and things they did “not like.” All essays are due by Wednesday May 7th. For each day the document is late, 1 point will be deducted from your tryout score.
Band and Warriorette Handbook
  • All Warriorette candidates will be given a copy of the Band and Warriorette Handbook at the first clinic, which they must read along with their parents. Each candidate will be required to return the form at the end of the handbook that states that the candidate and her parents have read and agree to abide by the handbook of the team. The signed form is due at clinics by Wednesday May 7th. For each day the document is late, 1 point will be deducted from your tryout score.
  • Each candidate will take a test over the Warriorette section on Thursday May 8th. The test questions will be fill in the blank, true false and matching and are taken “word for word” from the Handbook. The number missed on the test will be subtracted from the tryout score.
  • Tryouts will be judged by a minimum of a 3-judge panel and candidates will audition in-groups of 3 or 4 on Dance Routine, Kick Routine, “Stag” Leap, Splits, Commands, Marching, Appearance (Smile /Neatness).
  • Dress for tryouts will include a plain white T-shirt with no printing on the front or the back, black shorts, and white socks. Soft-soled shoes like tennis shoes will also be required. Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail out of your face with a white ribbon. No earrings, necklaces, watches - no jewelry at all.
  • Smiles are required!

Team Announcements

  • Team selections will be announced in the main Gymnasium immediately after tryouts are completed. We estimate this time to be around 5:00PM, it may be later, but we will not announce the team and officers before 5:00 PM. Registration packets can be picked up at this time.
  • Provided you make the team, attendance at the following meeting is mandatory:
    Mandatory Parent Meeting/Registration
    May 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM at Wayne High School
    • At registration you will be required to turn in Band Camp Registration forms and make a $100 deposit on fees. You will also need a copy of your insurance card. Warriorettes may not participate in subsequent practices until this deposit is paid. Parents must attend this meeting.
    • Each team member must obtain a physical using the OHSAA physical form. The form is included in the Band Camp registration package.
    • The physical form must be received before the Warriorette can practice with the team.


  • Concessions is the main fundraising requirement for participation in Warriorettes. Each family will work 5 concession events. (2 football, 1 basketball, 2 other (track, soccer, etc).
  • Each Warriorette will participate in the butter braid/fruit fundraiser
  • These fundraisers benefit the Wayne Marching Band and Warriorettes as a whole. (poms, props, band camp, music, etc.)


  • The participation fee is $225.
  • Additional items are necessary for participation and can be ordered through the WMC: boots, leg warmers, head piece and hair piece, summer shirt, and jacket
  • Additional items are optional and can be ordered through the WMC: team makeup, duffel bag Additional items are required and will need to purchased on your own: all white tennis shoes, hose, black dance pants, and black under armor pants/long sleeve shirt to wear during cold weather.

Questions can be sent to Kelli Soukup.