Samples of my projects and work

Penguins on Iceberg

Web Design & Development

Cold Callers Guildmore_vert
Cold Callers Guildclose

The admin staff of MMOCentralForums.com tasked me to develop a new web site for their hosted gaming group/guild. The site is a total overhaul of the site design, database structure, and underlying server-side code as well as being integrated with the respective forum’s vBulletin software in regards to user identity. Features include user profile creation, group activity reporting, report history, and member & schedule listings. The administrative control panel allows privileged users to manage profiles, schedule, reports, and miscellaneous settings.

Redesign, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, PHP, mySQL, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, Medoo, Bootstrap

PC Asset Mgmt (PAM) more_vert
PC Asset Mgmt (PAM) close

I designed & coded LN Dayton Desktop Support's asset management software to replace an outdated system. This web applicaiton has streamlined their processes and provides more accurate tracking of equipment within the environment. It also provides standard and custom reporting regarding deployed equipment, inventory, request information and asset accounting.

This application was originally coded in classic ASP & VB Script; however, it was rewritten in C# within the .Net framework allowing for greater scalability, access control, and support for frequent enhancements & maintenance. Later I redesigned the layout for responsiveness and better mobile support.

In 2015, a "Global PC Request" form was introduced by the Service-Now team to facilitate equipment requests. In order to keep using our process, I wrote a RESTful C# web service to accept request records from Service-Now in json format to insert into our database. Additional functions query database to gather additional information not provided by originating form as well as sending an email notification after insertion.

ASP.NET, C#, AJAX.NET, JavaScript, jQuery, MS SQL, SSIS

Wayne Music Club (Mock Up)more_vert
Wayne Music Clubclose

A mock up redesign of the Wayne Music Club (Band & Cheerleading organization for Wayne High School) web site. The layout and navigation have been organized and consolidated within the separate menus and content spaces. This design is also responsive to smaller resolutions and mobile devices.

Redesign, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

HHCS (Mock Up)more_vert
HHCS (Mock Up)close

A mock up redesign of the Huber Heights City Schools web site. The layout and navigation has been reorganized within the separate menus and content spaces. This design is also responsive to smaller resolutions and mobile devices.

Redesign, Responsive, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap

Meep 2016more_vert
Meep 2016close

This is a fun mock campaign web site featuring my son's stuffed sheep, Meep. Content management is through WordPress. Graphics & photographs created and/or manipulated using Adobe Photoshop.

PHP, WordPress, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive

News Barometermore_vert
News Barometerclose

News Barometer is a local weekly newspaper in the Florida Keys. The redesign of their web site provides a cleaner interface, direct weekly publishing via a content management system, and access to archived editions. The content is managed through WordPress, normally a daily blogging software, which has been customized and themed to show articles in a weekly format to match the print publication. Recently the site has undergone a slight redesign to make it more responsive to mobile devices & smaller resolutions.

Redesign, PHP, WordPress, mySQL, HTML5, CSS3, Responsive

RE Homepagemore_vert
RE Homepageclose

I created a page that would prompt the user to set their default home page depending on their business unit. The page would appear only on first use of the browser. This small project required cross-browser functionality in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.

Javascript, Bootstrap

Software Request Formmore_vert
Software Request Formclose

I implemented a small workflow application into LN Dayton Desktop Support's software request process for managers to approve and track requests before software is installed by the proper support group.


Desktop Support Surveymore_vert
Desktop Support Surveyclose

I created a web application to replace an existing tool to track customer satisfaction for RETS support teams. The new site featured a redesigned survey and a back-end administration panel for sending surveys to users & reporting the results in different forms (averages, details, comments). An individual "My Results" page was made available for team members to monitor their own ratings.


Graphic Work

Sinclair Mobile Site Mock-up

These mock-ups were made to demonstrate a potential redesign of Sinclair Community College's mobile site, a quick & accessible collection of useful links for students, along with a proposed restyling of the Schedule Planner. My presentation speaker_notes is available to view for detailed information on my approach.

MMOCentralForums.com Skin Logos

These logos were made for a gaming forum to reflect the different games that are typically discussed by the site's users.

Lord of the Rings Online
Star Wars
Wizards 101
Meep 2016 Logos

This logo accompanies the Meep 2016 site and gives it a professional & patriotic style.

This logo was made after Meep announced his pick for vice president.

Wayne Warriors Logo - Clean Extraction

When building the Wayne Music Club mock-up site, there was no resource available for a simple "Wayne Warriors" logo. The closest I found was contained with a black & grey carbon fiber background. It wasn't a simple Magic Wand job because of the similar colors but I was able to extract it with additional tools and methods.

Penguin Geographic Magazine - Mock Cover

This is a sample magazine cover I created for a Photoshop course at the University of Toledo.

Forum Awards

From 2009 to 2012, I created monthly contest award graphics for a group of gaming forums. I took charge of designing the awards and creating .PSD templates for the next year's design. Graphics below are sample of the award graphics created.